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Average Power Bill in New Zealand

Average Power Bill in New Zealand
Friday, March 9, 2018

How aware are we of our annual power consumption? People get so many bills each month that it is hard to keep track of all the things you are paying for. Power Compare wanted to take a step back and collect the average annual consumption and compare it across the major cities. Here are the results:

  Auckland Auckland North/West Wellington Christchurch
Nova Energy $2,235 $2,319 $2,383 $2,275
Ecotricity $2,031 $2,105 $2,117 $2,185
Pulse Energy $2,237 $2,241 $2,240 $2,392
Genesis Energy $2,369 $2,369 $2,338 $2,515
Flick Electric Co. $2,108 $2,120 $2,124 $2,065
Trustpower $2,220 $2,165 $2,079 $2,840
GLOBUG $2,238 $2,335 $2,350 $2,386
Mercury $2,365 $2,392 $2,381 $2,446
Meridian Energy $2,340 $2,339 $2,379 $2,458
Powershop $2,164 $2,164 $2,223 $2,271
Contact Energy $2,121 $2,144 $2,211 $2,247
Electric Kiwi $2,072 $2,072 $2,063 $2,073
Energy Online $2,169 $2,122 $2,301 $2,310
Average $2,205 $2,222 $2,245 $2,343

The numbers are based on an average consumption for a medium-sized Kiwi household (8492 kWh per year).

If you found out that you are paying a little too much for your annual electricity bill, you can compare and find a better power deal.

Power Bill Challenge

Send us your latest bill and we will help you to save money.

Take the Power Bill Challenge today – you have nothing to lose… but money to gain!


The data is taken from Power Switch.

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