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Why aren’t Kiwis switching power providers?

Why aren’t Kiwis switching power providers?
Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Switching power providers is a proven way to save money and get a better plan for your household! However, we recently found out that a lot of Kiwis aren’t switching providers. 

This got us thinking…why are Kiwis not switching? To find out, we chucked a poll up on Neighbourly. 

The results showed many Kiwis are confused about switching. So we thought we’d talk about these common issues facing Kiwis to reveal the simple solutions we can offer! 

Read on to find out the easy and stress-free way that you can switch power providers to save HEAPS of money! 

When was the last time Kiwis switched? 

We know that Kiwis can be fiercely loyal and stick with the same power provider for a long time. So we first wanted to gauge how often Kiwis are switching providers. 

We posed this question on Neighbourly: When did you last switch power providers? 

A whopping 800 people responded, with more than 50% saying they switched more than 6 months ago and a further 33.5% said they had no idea when they last switched. Only 12.4% of respondents said they had switched providers in the last 6 months.

So it was clear to us that thousands of Kiwis across the motu are missing out on massive savings since they’re not comparing and switching providers. 

Why are Kiwis not switching?

Seeing that a huge amount of people aren’t switching power providers led us to put up another poll, this time asking: Why aren’t you switching power providers?

From the responses of nearly 500 Kiwis, we discovered that 44% said they don’t know where to find a better deal, 33% said switching seems too hard, and 24% said that they were already on a contract with a power provider.

It’s obvious from the answers that Kiwis gave us, that there’s a lot of confusion around switching power providers. We understand that it can seem like a daunting process but we’re here to tell you that…it’s not! 

Switching providers is super simple and will really take the pressure off your financial woes! 

We’re here to show you how easy it truly is! But first, let’s clear up some of the confusion around switching power providers! 

I’m in a contract, can I still compare? 

Yes, you definitely can! However, you want to make sure that you switch no more than 30 days before your contract ends. 

So it’s a good idea to start looking into your contract. Check when it’s coming to an end, what pricing you’ll be rolled onto and if you’ll be rolled onto another contracted term or an open term. This will help you decide when and whether you want to switch providers. 

The best advice we can give to those already in a contract is to figure out what hasn’t been working for you. Did you not like the pricing or customer service? Or have things just changed at home? It’s important to identify any issues so you can find a new provider who offers you something better. 

Switching is too hard 

Switching can seem super overwhelming! We totally get it. If you do it solely by yourself then you would have to spend hours going to the websites of different providers and scrolling endlessly to find the right plan for you. What a waste of time and effort!

So we have a solution for you. Use Power Compare! 

Power Compare is a comparison website where you can compare various power plans and providers to find one that’s right for you. 

It’s super simple to use! All you have to do is type in your address, select some filters and you’ll see all the plans available to you. 

Power Compare puts all the information you need to know in one place and allows you to easily compare the plans that are available to you! 

There’s nothing complicated about Power Compare. It’s easy as! 

I have no idea where to find a better deal 

Not to sound repetitive but again, use Power Compare! 

At Power Compare, we have all the deals that you could possibly imagine! We have plans with special benefits, free hours of power, joining perks as well as exclusive deals! You’ll easily be able to find a plan that saves you hundreds of dollars! 

Plus, if you use our comparison feature, you’ll be able to compare the plans side by side to find out the best deal! 

Why is it important to compare and switch? 

It’s super important to compare and switch for two reasons! 

1). You’ll likely find a plan that suits your household better! By comparing, you may find that there’s another plan which gives you certain perks or features that suit your life much better than your current plan! 

2). You’ll save bucket loads of cash! There’s almost always a plan out there that will be cheaper, especially with all the amazing joining deals on offer! Switching to a cheaper power provider is one of the quickest and easiest ways you can save money! In a time where the cost of living is skyrocketing, every little bit counts!

Use Power Compare! 

Switching power providers doesn’t have to be challenging! With Power Compare, it’s never been easier! 

Here’s all you need to do:

  • Jump onto the website.
  • Type in your address.
  • Select some filters that match your preferences.
  • Hit enter!
  • Browse all the different plans available to you & compare them side-by-side.
  • Find one you like and switch!


Alternatively, if you’d rather chat to a friendly human, then give our customer support team a free call on 0508 22 66 72. They’ll help you find a fantastic plan!

Don’t miss out on hundreds of dollars worth of savings! Use Power Compare today!


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