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How to Use Your Dryer Most Efficiently

How to Use Your Dryer Most Efficiently with Power Compare
Friday, May 17, 2024

As the winter settles in, hanging laundry outside might not be so feasible. With wind, frosty air, clouds and rain, those clothes are just not going to dry as fast as they do during the summer. Our homes may become quite familiar with the hum of the dryer. But it is important to know that using our dryers more often this winter will mean we are consuming more power, and our electricity bill could take an eye-watering hit!

Here are our top 5 tips for using your dryer efficiently and effectively! 

1. Clean the Dryer Filter

The dryer lint filter can get clogged over time. A clogged filter will mean the machine has to work harder to dry your clothes, which will consume more power, and increase your energy bill. The more you use your dryer throughout the winter, the more lint will build up in the filter. Fabrics do generate lint. So set a reminder to clean out the lint filter regularly to keep the machine running smoothly. 

2. Avoid Overloading the Dryer

When you overload the dryer, there will be less space in the machine for airflow. It’s important that there is enough space for air to flow between tumbling garments so that they can dry efficiently and come out smelling fresh, and feeling soft. Consolidating the laundry into one load will not actually save you time, and will only take longer to dry the heavy load and will require more energy to dry. 

3. Don’t Add Soaking Wet Clothes

Try to avoid putting soaking wet clothes and fabrics into the dryer. Soaking wet clothes are heavy and they could damage your dryer as it spins the load. Always allow your washing machine to complete its spin cycle so that you can protect the integrity of your dryer. 

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4. Dry Large Items Separately 

For your comforters, sheets, and large blankets, it is often best to dry them separately so that they don’t bunch up with smaller items. If they bunch up and become tangled, they’ll just take longer to dry thoroughly! Again, more power, and an increase to your energy bill. 

5. Invest in an Energy Efficient Dryer

If you are in the market for a new dryer this winter, be sure to invest in a unit that has a high energy star rating. The more stars, the more energy efficient. This means that the machine will use the least amount of energy possible to dry your clothes. By consuming less energy, it will keep your carbon footprint to a minimum, and ensure your power bill remains as low as possible while still drying your clothes properly!

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